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Nelson Mandela“The Mandela Architecture” is a unique combination of very powerful Leadership Theater and an extremely compelling Practical Workshop. The theatrical scenes examine four pivotal points in the life of Nelson Mandela: Trial and Sentencing in 1964, Time spent at Robben Island Prison, Time spent at Pollsmoor Prison, and, finally, his release from prison and Presidency of South Africa. Each scene highlights the leadership lessons that Mandela himself focused on during those challenging and critical times.

The four brilliant theatrical scenes are each followed by one of four brief work sessions: The Blueprint of Self, The Blueprint of Environment, The Blueprint of Communication, and The Blueprint of Sustained Excellence. The result is a complete blueprint for actionable change, on any scale and for any organizational level. The presentation is both flexible and adaptable, and can fill a time slot of anywhere between two and five hours.

Presentation Room Set-Up, Timing, and Costs:

auditorium | Mandela Leadership event“The Mandela Architecture” can be presented in almost any space. However, in order to maximize the impact of the piece, Leadership-Masters recommends a space with directional lighting capabilities, a quality sound system, and an excellent power point projection system. Worktables are preferred (Either conference style or rounds), equipped with name tents (for smaller groups), note pads and pens. There is no limit to the size of the audience.

Timing is flexible, but we recommend the flowing scenario: Let’s say that the presentation is scheduled to begin at 1 PM. The timing would look like this:

1:00-1:25 PM The Blueprint of Self
1:25-1:50 The Blueprint of Environment
1:50-2:15 The Blueprint of Communication
2:15-3:00 The Blueprint of Excellence
3:00-3:30 Optional Break-Outs
3:30-4:00 Optional Report-Outs
4:00-4:30 Optional Debrief

Mandela leadership eventBased on the above timing, the presentation can be anywhere from two hours to four hours or even five hours, depending upon the intended outcomes.

No pre-work is necessary in order to fully appreciate “The Mandela Architecture”. However, we can recommend specific books, speakers, and training modules to fully maximize the emotional and transformational impact of the piece. Therefore, “The Mandela Architecture” can be used as a “stand-alone” piece, or as the centerpiece of an entire day or two days, or more, of training.

The base cost for “The Mandela Architecture” is $19,500 USD* (For groups of 50 participants or less). This price includes everything except for shipping and travel costs. Typically, if your organization is located in North America, the total cost for “The Mandela Architecture”, including shipping and travel, would be around $23,500 USD. Obviously, additional speakers, training modules, books, and other educational facilitators and tools would involve additional costs.

* Pricing subject to change.



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