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is a globally diverse, innovative organization that designs and delivers highly interactive training modules and leadership events of exceptional value. All of our work has been described by our clients as being both inspirational and transformational, and we are in our 25th year of changing lives.

Leadership-Masters LLCOur approach is based on the clinical work of Dr. Jacob Moreno, an Austrian social psychologist who was the creator of “Role Training”, as opposed to role playing. In role training, students are asked to manage highly difficult or even impossible challenge scenarios that are based on their actual work environment. Our process is to first investigate the factors that put pressure on both employees and leaders, and then present those challenge scenarios in controlled, safe, three-dimensional seminars. Seminars where student leaders are asked to manage these highly emotional, risk-filled scenarios in real time. The seminars involve live actors, real pressure, real emotions, and real consequences. The results include executive students clearly recognizing both their leadership strengths as well as their skill challenges, and follow-up work allows students to develop those lesser skills.

Dr. Moreno was also the creator of “sociodrama”, or, what we call “Leadership Theater”. Leadership Theater is an interactive theatrical experience where audience members actively participate in both the delivery and the experience of the dramatic event.  For example, in our event “The Shackleton Experience”, the setting is a 1921 Press Conference. Student audience members portray the journalists and reporters from around the globe who have come to interview one of the greatest leaders in human history. Half of the questions are scripted, but the other half come from the imaginations of the audience members themselves, based on their own individual skill-gaps. This technique helps to anchor specific leadership lessons viscerally within each student, and serves to inspire the student toward either change, growth, contribution, or all three.

Likewise, in our ground-breaking new Leadership Event, “The Mandela Architecture”, audience members portray four different groups in four separate scenes.  In scene one, they portray the jury of the Pretoria Supreme Court that condemns the young Nelson Mandela.  In scene two, they portray the guards and warders of Robben Island.  In scene three, they portray the cabinet members who serve under PW Botha, and in scene four, they portray the members of the African National Congress.

After each scene, there is a brief workshop session where the students create their own personal blueprint for success based on four critical competencies:

1) Responding to and utilizing feedback 
2) Creating environments where innovation can thrive 
3) Becoming a master communicator 
4) Sustaining both change and success simultaneously.

The combination of inspiring sociodrama and varied role perspective is an extremely effective launching point for creating these individual blueprints.

We feel we match up well with most Fortune 500 organizations today. Leadership-Masters’ approach is a holistic and multi-faceted one: we create a greater sense of certainty in our clients’ workforces so that innovation can thrive, and we strengthen each individual’s sense of significance so that his connection to his work is stronger and more valuable.



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